Makeover Overview

Makeover Master Table Of Contents

Keyed to The New IQ Book Sections/Chapters & Workbook Modules

I. Makeover Introduction and Orientation

II. An Important Note: Informed Consent for Utilizing This Material

III. Dedication

IV. Acknowledgments

V. Your Makeover Modules

Makeover Module 1: Your Current Relationship With Each of Your Core Three Drives

Module 1 Introduction

Book Section One: Life in an Age of Lack of Integrity

  • Book Chapter 1: You Are a Three-Dimensional Self
  • Book Chapter 2: What Happens When You Are Less Than Your Three-Dimensional Self
  • Book Chapter 3: What Natural Developers Do That the Rest of Us Would Benefit From Doing Also
  • Book Chapter 4: Reverse Engineering the Secrets of Natural Developers

Module 1 Self-Evaluations
Module 1 Exercises

Makeover Module 2: Mapping Your Survival and Redemption Plans to Be Outgrown

Module 2 Introduction

Book Section Two: How Lack of Integrity Became So Commonplace

  • Book Chapter 5: Why We Fall Out of Integrity
  • Book Chapter 6: How You Were a Childhood Genius
  • Book Chapter 7: The Survival Plan in Action: Three Portraits
  • Book Chapter 8: Discovering the Anatomy of Your Survival Plan
  • Book Chapter 9: How Our Childhood Survival Plan Morphs into Something that Compromises Our Integrity in Adulthood

Module 2 Self-Evaluations
Module 2 Exercises

Makeover Module 3: The Four LifeZones of Adulthood and Upgrading Your Teachability WisePassion

Module 3 Introduction

Book Section Three: Demystifying the Rhythm of Adult Life

  • Book Chapter 10: The Four LifeZones That Rule Adult Development
  • Book Chapter 11: LifeZone #1: Wakeup Calls
  • Book Chapter 12: LifeZone #2: Survival Plan Attachment
  • Book Chapter 13: LifeZone #3: Transformation Chapters
  • Book Chapter 14: LifeZone #4: Consolidation Periods

Book Section Four: The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 15: A Closer Look at the Seven WisePassions: The All-Purpose Life Skills
  • Book Chapter 16: WisePassion #1 – Teachability

Module 3 Self-Evaluations
Module 3 Exercises

Makeover Module 4: Upgrading Your Self-Care WisePassion

Module 4 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 17: WisePassion #2 – Self-Care

Module 4 Self-Evaluations
Module 4 Exercises

Makeover Module 5: Upgrading Your Discernment WisePassion

Module 5 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 18: WisePassion #3 – Discernment

Module 5 Self-Evaluations
Module 5 Exercises

Makeover Module 6: Upgrading Your Harvesting WisePassion

Module 6 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 19: WisePassion #4 – Harvesting

Module 6 Self-Evaluations
Module 6 Exercises

Makeover Module 7: Upgrading Your Power WisePassion

Module 7 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 20: WisePassion #5 – Power

Module 7 Self-Evaluations
Module 7 Exercises

Makeover Module 8: Upgrading Your Synergy WisePassion

Module 8 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 21: WisePassion #6 – Synergy

Module 8 Self-Evaluations
Module 8 Exercises

Makeover Module 9: Upgrading Your Stewardship WisePassion

Module 9 Introduction

Book Section Five: The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 22: WisePassion #7 – Stewardship

Module 9 Self-Evaluations
Module 9 Exercises

Makeover Module 10: Reviewing Your Makeover Successes and Continuing From Here

Module 10 Introduction

Book Section Five: The Grand Upshift in Humanity and Your Role in Helping It Emerge

  • Book Chapter 23:  It’s In Every One of Us To Be Wise

Module 10 Self-Evaluations
Module 10 Exercises
Module 10 Makeover Success Self-Evaluation

VI. Appendices

Going Further: A Wealth of Resources
Energy Psychology Self-Help Essentials: Basic Training

VII. Supplemental Resources

Some of the Key Questions Your Makeover Will Answer

The Key Questions About Your Development That Your Makeover Will Reveal Your Personal Answers To…

  1. “What will it take for me to feel fully authentic and lovable, and to make the difference in the world that I want to make?”
  2. “Is integrity merely a vague philosophical concept that no one can actually define?”
  3. “Can I really learn to do deliberately what natural developers do intuitively?”
  4. “What gifts can I harvest by looking at my development with a rear view mirror?”
  5. “What’s caused me to at times sacrifice my authenticity and my sense of right and wrong?”
  6. “What are the five universal survival strategies that we come to think of as ‘who I am?’” 
  7. “How can I illuminate my own hidden survival plan in ways that help me build the future I seek?”
  8. “How can I discover the ways my past is limiting my present without having to go through years of soul searching (or psychotherapy)?”
  9. “What prerequisites does my survival plan tell me I must meet as an adult in order to feel lovable, worthy and safe?”
  10. “Is there a predictable rhythm to personal development that would help me to harness?”
  11. “What is life’s way of inviting me into deeper integrity, fuller authenticity, more effective and fulfilling connection with others, and greater contributions to the world?”
  12. “How do we navigate life until we know how to do what natural developers do to become sustainably and happily authentic, connected and impactful?”
  13. “Isn’t there an easier way for me to develop than by doing deep inner work on myself all the time?”
  14. “Isn’t it normal to sometimes just want to take a break from doing inner work?”
  15. “Is there really a single set of core life skills that personal development, fulfilling relationships, successful leadership, living with integrity, creating career success, and contributing to social change all depend upon?”
  16. “Why is it so important for me to learn how to respond to everything life throws at me with self-responsibility, humility and receptivity?”
  17. “What can I do to more consistently maintain the abundance of life energy I need for authenticity, connection, and service?”
  18. “How can I become better at telling the difference between truth, partial-truths, and lies?”
  19. “How can I become really good at turning difficult, undesired and even unacceptable life experiences into blessings rather than baggage?”
  20. “How can I express my inner light, gifts, deepest truths, creativity, personal power, and boundaries, without self-censoring and holding back?”
  21. “How can I co-create more fulfilling, collaboration-based, productive, and resilient personal and work relationships than I ever thought possible?”
  22. “How can I become really good at discovering and fully serving collective highest good, whether in my family, my work life,  my community, the service and religious organizations I’m part of, and the causes I’m most passionate about?”
  23. “How can I have the greatest positive impact in helping to usher in a new era of integrity with those who mean the most to me, at work, and helping to repair our society and our planet in the unique ways I feel called to do?” 


The New IQ Life Makeover: Your Guide to 3D Living

Words of Wisdom & Other Useful Reminders

I was only trying to live in accord with the promptings that came from my deepest self. Why was that so very difficult?
– Hermann Hesse

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– Howard Thurman

The purpose of integrated adult development is to expand the extent to which we experience deep inner fulfillment, love and wisdom.
– Dr. David Gruder

“It is certainly true that every day we don’t strive to live authentically we do pay a price, with compounded interest… It is a mistake to accept as our reality, the illusion that many are called but few are chosen.”
– Sara Breathnach

Effective and consistent Connection, both when a child is in joy and when s/he is expressing his/her gifts, reinforces the gold in him/her.
– Dr. David Gruder

God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won’t.
– Alfred Korzybski

The secret to learning is great discerning.” 
– Dr. David Gruder

I am my best person when I have less on my plate.
– Elisabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love

Effective and consistent Connection during difficult life experiences teaches us as children to be unafraid of life experiences or of our interior reactions to them.
– Dr. David Gruder

As children, we develop the capacity to connect with our spiritual resources and ourselves only to the extent that others connect with us.
– Dr. David Gruder

You can out-distance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you.
– Rwandan Proverb

Survival needs to be a higher priority during childhood than living in integrity.
– Dr. David Gruder

Each moment of our life, from the moment we are born to the moment we die, is a teachable moment. The only question in each moment is, “What will we learn?
– Dr. David Gruder

Turn your wounds into wisdom.
– Oprah Winfrey

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
– Marianne Williamson

As children, we do our best to cloak whichever caregivers are the most important to us in the psychological equivalent of gorgeous and majestic robes.
 – Dr. David Gruder

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– Mark Twain

Creating a happy ending fantasy for the sake of your childhood survival was a marvelous thing. Your challenge as an adult is to outgrow your need for such a fantasy. 
– Dr. David Gruder

Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart.
– Henry Ward Beecher

“The amount of closeness you desire determines the amount of healing you require.”
– Dr. David Gruder

“It is a mistake to accept as our reality the illusion that many are called but few are chosen.”
– Sara Breathnach

A transformation chapter is a period of intensive focus on inner work.” 
– Dr. David Gruder