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Some of the Key Questions Your Makeover Will Answer

The Key Questions About Your Development That Your Makeover Will Reveal Your Personal Answers To…

  1. “What will it take for me to feel fully authentic and lovable, and to make the difference in the world that I want to make?”
  2. “Is integrity merely a vague philosophical concept that no one can actually define?”
  3. “Can I really learn to do deliberately what natural developers do intuitively?”
  4. “What gifts can I harvest by looking at my development with a rear view mirror?”
  5. “What’s caused me to at times sacrifice my authenticity and my sense of right and wrong?”
  6. “What are the five universal survival strategies that we come to think of as ‘who I am?’” 
  7. “How can I illuminate my own hidden survival plan in ways that help me build the future I seek?”
  8. “How can I discover the ways my past is limiting my present without having to go through years of soul searching (or psychotherapy)?”
  9. “What prerequisites does my survival plan tell me I must meet as an adult in order to feel lovable, worthy and safe?”
  10. “Is there a predictable rhythm to personal development that would help me to harness?”
  11. “What is life’s way of inviting me into deeper integrity, fuller authenticity, more effective and fulfilling connection with others, and greater contributions to the world?”
  12. “How do we navigate life until we know how to do what natural developers do to become sustainably and happily authentic, connected and impactful?”
  13. “Isn’t there an easier way for me to develop than by doing deep inner work on myself all the time?”
  14. “Isn’t it normal to sometimes just want to take a break from doing inner work?”
  15. “Is there really a single set of core life skills that personal development, fulfilling relationships, successful leadership, living with integrity, creating career success, and contributing to social change all depend upon?”
  16. “Why is it so important for me to learn how to respond to everything life throws at me with self-responsibility, humility and receptivity?”
  17. “What can I do to more consistently maintain the abundance of life energy I need for authenticity, connection, and service?”
  18. “How can I become better at telling the difference between truth, partial-truths, and lies?”
  19. “How can I become really good at turning difficult, undesired and even unacceptable life experiences into blessings rather than baggage?”
  20. “How can I express my inner light, gifts, deepest truths, creativity, personal power, and boundaries, without self-censoring and holding back?”
  21. “How can I co-create more fulfilling, collaboration-based, productive, and resilient personal and work relationships than I ever thought possible?”
  22. “How can I become really good at discovering and fully serving collective highest good, whether in my family, my work life,  my community, the service and religious organizations I’m part of, and the causes I’m most passionate about?”
  23. “How can I have the greatest positive impact in helping to usher in a new era of integrity with those who mean the most to me, at work, and helping to repair our society and our planet in the unique ways I feel called to do?”