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Makeover Introduction


I am so glad you decided to undertake this remarkable life upgrade process!

I assume that your decision to subscribe to this ground-breaking resource means you already know that integrity is arguably the most important form of intelligence that all of us need to upgrade during this time in history. This is not only because integrity deficits are at the core of what prevents us from feeling the level personal and relationship fulfillment that all of us want to experience. It is also because these deficits are a key source of what prevents us from co-creating solutions to the collective problems we face today in our communities, our countries and our planet.

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • If you are already familiar with my six-award-winning book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World, your lifetime membership will enable you to supercharge your ability to use that material to deepen your authenticity, create more vibrant collaborative and close relationships, and have a more positive and effective influence on the world around you.
  • If you are not yet familiar with that The New IQ book, access to all of that material is but one part of your lifetime membership.
  • Each of the ten Makeover modules you are about to complete combines specific sections in The New IQ book with corresponding self-evaluations and exercises from The New IQ workbook. This will enable you to develop a fully customized relationship with this material so you can bring it into your life in deeply personal, enlivening and effective ways.
  • Each Makeover module is divided into bite-size chunks. This will enable you to pace yourself well as you complete your makeover process, and it will minimize your chances of feeling overwhelmed by the massive amount of territory you are about to cover.
  • Your makeover is designed to enable you to outgrow old patterns that no longer support you and upgrade the seven core life skills that are the keys to becoming sustainably happy, effective, and successful — as an individual, in your relationships, and as some who has positive impact on the world around you in whatever ways are most important to you.

I believe the following three things are needed in order to spark the integrity revolution that we so desperately need today:

  1. Motivation: To spark an integrity revolution, our understanding of integrity must become more deeply personal and more profoundly practical than it has ever been. My most heartfelt hope is that this your makeover will do this for you in a deeply personal way.
  2. Vision: To create the new era of integrity that we all need individually and collectively, we need a new vision of human development, highest social good and leadership. You are about to discover how integrity is actually a very natural outgrowth of aligning the three core drives that we are born with.
  3. A System: The most efficient way to succeed with your makeover is to utilize a road-tested system that:
    a) Integrates personal, relationship and leadership/social responsibility development;
    b) Makes the upgrade process accessible to everyone; and
    c) Makes succeeding easier than ever before.

My study of how Natural Developers intuitively develop revealed the core life skills that make this possible: the Seven WisePassions (teachability, self-care, discernment, harvesting, power, synergy and stewardship). Studying Natural Developers has taught me that the secrets to healthy authenticity, connection and impact are one and the same.

Making integrity personal and practical begins with appreciating that your three Core Drives for authenticity, connection and impact live at the center of your spirit, your life, and your capacity to love. You are a three dimensional being, a 3D Self. A 3D Self is one-third authenticity, one-third connection and one-third impact. In other words, being a 3D Self means living in integrity with all three of your core drives. Being a 3D Self living in 3D Integrity is what 3D Living is all about. And this is what the makeover you are about to begin is designed to enable you to achieve.

There are three core aspects of integrity that correspond with your three core drives: self-integrity, relationship integrity and collective/societal integrity.

  • Self-integrity means being true to yourself. This is the essence of authenticity.
  • Relationship integrity means connecting and co-creating with others through compassion and respect, and through being true to your commitments to others. This is the essence of love and collaboration.
  • Collective (or societal) integrity means doing what serves collective highest good. Leadership integrity is nothing more – and nothing less – than embodying 3D Integrity in whichever leadership roles and contexts most resonate for you. This is the essence of having a positive impact in the world in whatever spheres of influence you feel called upon to help with.

Together, personal, relationship and collective integrity combine to create 3D integrity. You are about to develop a clearer, fuller, more practical, more action-oriented, and more personal understanding of integrity than you probably have ever had. And you are about to discover why 3D integrity is the key to sustainable happiness, health, and success.

Because integrity and fulfillment are inseparable, I believe that all of us have an obligation to ourselves to outgrow what blocks us from living in 3D Integrity and upgrading the seven core life skills necessary for embodying 3D Integrity. What blocks us is our Childhood Survival Plan and the Adulthood Redemption Plan this spawned in us. What makes 3D Living possible is the seven core life skills that I have come to refer to as our Seven WisePassions.

The makeover you are about to undergo has put all of this together perhaps for the very first time. Your subscription has put at your fingertips a complete system for upgrading your integrity in ways that can make you far more successful at attaining the fulfillment you seek, through  combining who you truly are, with becoming more capable of enjoying nourishing and productive relationships with others, and all while making a more positive difference in the world than you may have ever done.

You are about to unlock the secrets to integrating your personal development, relationship intelligence, leadership effectiveness, and social responsibility activities in a truly efficient and effective way.

Your first Makeover module enables you to take a close look at your relationship with each of your Three Core Drives. Your second module takes you through a series of self-assessments and exercises designed to provide you with a complete portrait of the automated patterns you will benefit from outgrowing: your Childhood Survival Plan and the Adulthood Redemption Plan this led to. During the remainder of your makeover will focus on upgrading the core life skills that are responsible for healthy sustainable happiness, wellbeing, love, success and leadership.

My heartfelt hope is that this step-by-step process will enable you to create a significantly better life: the life you have most wanted to live!


After your introduction to each of the ten makeover modules, you will get access to a portion of The New IQ book that corresponds with that module. This reading provides you with the conceptual grounding that will enable you to get the most from the self-evaluations and exercises that will follow. These resources are designed to enable you to apply to yourself and your life the material you are learning. I also want to encourage you to use the interactive forum that is part of your membership, to dialogue with your fellow members about your self-evaluations, your reactions to what you read, the discoveries you make through the exercises, and the life upgrades you make as a result of completing each module.

There are four ways to do your makeover:

  1. On your own
  2. With the fellowship of your fellow members through this website’s Makeover Mutual Support Forum
  3. As a member of a 3D Integrity Circle;
  4. With the group or individual assistance of a helping professional trained to be a Makeover Facilitator.

If You Are Doing an Integrity Makeover With the Assistance of an Integrity Makeover Facilitator: Make sure your Facilitator receives a copy of your completed module at least two business days before your next session, when the two of you will review that module. This will enable him/her to better assist you during your Makeover session. You can most conveniently do this by e-mail or snail mail. If you and your Facilitator agree to handle this by e-mail, your Facilitator will send you each module as a Word file so that you can fill in the self-assessments and exercises and then e-mail the module back to her/him. If you and your Facilitator agree to do this by fax or snail mail, simply fax, or copy and mail, the completed module to him/her in time for him/her to receive it at least two business days before your next session. Should you need any clarifications in order to complete the exercises please contact your Facilitator so that you can complete all exercises as best you can prior to the next session.

If You Are Doing an Integrity Makeover as Part of Being a Member of a 3D Integrity Circle: Bring your completed module to your next 3D Integrity Circle Meeting. Should you need any clarifications in order to complete these exercises after first reading the corresponding portions in The New IQ, either contact another member of your 3D Integrity Circle or post your question in the Makeover Mutual Support Forum. (For more about 3D Integrity Circles, click here.)

If You Are Doing an Integrity Makeover On Your Own: Should you need any clarifications, post your question on the Makeover Mutual Support Forum.


Assessments: Become clearer than you probably have ever been before about the anatomy of your Survival and Redemption Plans and about how strong or weak you are in each of the key life skills necessary for feeling fulfillment and embodying integrity (the Seven WisePassions).

Exercises: Make significant strides in further outgrowing your Survival and Redemption Plans and in upgrading each of your Seven WisePassions.

Preparation: If you are using your Makeover website membership in conjunction with an Integrity Makeover Facilitator, each module will prepare you to get the most out of each Makeover Facilitation session toy do with your facilitator. Sharing with your Facilitator your responses to each module will make it much easier for him/her to spot where you would most benefit from further assistance. Sharing them at least a few days before each Makeover Facilitation session can help your Facilitator discover the most beneficial areas to focus on together in your next makeover session. You will find a glossary of all the main terms used in your Makeover modules on the Makeover website.


IntegrityWatch Blog: Access through this link or on the website

Take the Integrity Pledge: Go to the Integrity Pledge website or access this site through the Integrity Pledge link in the “Make a Difference” section on the home page

Free eCourses: Access through this link or on the website.


Your use of this website and subscription constitutes your agreement to be in integrity with the following Terms of Use.  Your choice to utilize this material is your acknowledgement that you understand that all content and resources on this website, and all related Integrity Revolution websites and products, is purely informational and educational. You agree that you alone are responsible for how you understand and utilize this material, and for the results you do or don’t obtain through utilizing it.

You further understand and agree that utilizing these resources does not create a client-therapist relationship of any kind between the reader and David Gruder, PhD. These resources are in no way intended as a substitute for seeking appropriate professional assistance for physical, psychological, spiritual, relationship, career, leadership or other challenges.

Should you be utilizing helping professionals of any kind, you are strongly encouraged to use these resources to collaborate more effectively with them. (Helping professionals include, but are not limited to, mainstream and alternative mental health and physical health care providers, certified wellness, life, executive, career and sports coaches, recovery programs, and religious/spiritual advisors.)

These resources are for your personal use only, or as a professional reference guide if you are a helping professional, educator, member of the media, etc. Duplicating or replicating any portion of this material for other than your own personal use, or as a professional reference guide, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Integrity Revolution, LLC (see the contact link at the end of the next paragraph). I thank you for your integrity about this.

Bulk membership discounts, non-profit organization discounts, and treatment program discounts are available by arrangement. Contact us at:

I sincerely hope you find huge benefit in utilizing this material! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me in helping to spark the integrity revolution our world so deeply needs, today more than ever.

Wishing you many blessings on your journey through your Makeover,
Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

PS: Please do e-mail me with your discoveries, your success stories and your suggestions for further upgrades:

Makeover Overview

Makeover Master Table Of Contents

Keyed to The New IQ Book Sections/Chapters & Workbook Modules

I. Makeover Introduction and Orientation

II. An Important Note: Informed Consent for Utilizing This Material

III. Dedication

IV. Acknowledgments

V. Your Makeover Modules

Makeover Module 1: Your Current Relationship With Each of Your Core Three Drives

Module 1 Introduction

Book Section One: Life in an Age of Lack of Integrity

  • Book Chapter 1: You Are a Three-Dimensional Self
  • Book Chapter 2: What Happens When You Are Less Than Your Three-Dimensional Self
  • Book Chapter 3: What Natural Developers Do That the Rest of Us Would Benefit From Doing Also
  • Book Chapter 4: Reverse Engineering the Secrets of Natural Developers

Module 1 Self-Evaluations
Module 1 Exercises

Makeover Module 2: Mapping Your Survival and Redemption Plans to Be Outgrown

Module 2 Introduction

Book Section Two: How Lack of Integrity Became So Commonplace

  • Book Chapter 5: Why We Fall Out of Integrity
  • Book Chapter 6: How You Were a Childhood Genius
  • Book Chapter 7: The Survival Plan in Action: Three Portraits
  • Book Chapter 8: Discovering the Anatomy of Your Survival Plan
  • Book Chapter 9: How Our Childhood Survival Plan Morphs into Something that Compromises Our Integrity in Adulthood

Module 2 Self-Evaluations
Module 2 Exercises

Makeover Module 3: The Four LifeZones of Adulthood and Upgrading Your Teachability WisePassion

Module 3 Introduction

Book Section Three: Demystifying the Rhythm of Adult Life

  • Book Chapter 10: The Four LifeZones That Rule Adult Development
  • Book Chapter 11: LifeZone #1: Wakeup Calls
  • Book Chapter 12: LifeZone #2: Survival Plan Attachment
  • Book Chapter 13: LifeZone #3: Transformation Chapters
  • Book Chapter 14: LifeZone #4: Consolidation Periods

Book Section Four: The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 15: A Closer Look at the Seven WisePassions: The All-Purpose Life Skills
  • Book Chapter 16: WisePassion #1 – Teachability

Module 3 Self-Evaluations
Module 3 Exercises

Makeover Module 4: Upgrading Your Self-Care WisePassion

Module 4 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 17: WisePassion #2 – Self-Care

Module 4 Self-Evaluations
Module 4 Exercises

Makeover Module 5: Upgrading Your Discernment WisePassion

Module 5 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 18: WisePassion #3 – Discernment

Module 5 Self-Evaluations
Module 5 Exercises

Makeover Module 6: Upgrading Your Harvesting WisePassion

Module 6 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 19: WisePassion #4 – Harvesting

Module 6 Self-Evaluations
Module 6 Exercises

Makeover Module 7: Upgrading Your Power WisePassion

Module 7 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 20: WisePassion #5 – Power

Module 7 Self-Evaluations
Module 7 Exercises

Makeover Module 8: Upgrading Your Synergy WisePassion

Module 8 Introduction

Book Section Four (continued): The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 21: WisePassion #6 – Synergy

Module 8 Self-Evaluations
Module 8 Exercises

Makeover Module 9: Upgrading Your Stewardship WisePassion

Module 9 Introduction

Book Section Five: The Seven Key Life Skills Natural Developers Develop… and How You Can Develop Them Too

  • Book Chapter 22: WisePassion #7 – Stewardship

Module 9 Self-Evaluations
Module 9 Exercises

Makeover Module 10: Reviewing Your Makeover Successes and Continuing From Here

Module 10 Introduction

Book Section Five: The Grand Upshift in Humanity and Your Role in Helping It Emerge

  • Book Chapter 23:  It’s In Every One of Us To Be Wise

Module 10 Self-Evaluations
Module 10 Exercises
Module 10 Makeover Success Self-Evaluation

VI. Appendices

Going Further: A Wealth of Resources
Energy Psychology Self-Help Essentials: Basic Training

VII. Supplemental Resources

Some of the Key Questions Your Makeover Will Answer

The Key Questions About Your Development That Your Makeover Will Reveal Your Personal Answers To…

  1. “What will it take for me to feel fully authentic and lovable, and to make the difference in the world that I want to make?”
  2. “Is integrity merely a vague philosophical concept that no one can actually define?”
  3. “Can I really learn to do deliberately what natural developers do intuitively?”
  4. “What gifts can I harvest by looking at my development with a rear view mirror?”
  5. “What’s caused me to at times sacrifice my authenticity and my sense of right and wrong?”
  6. “What are the five universal survival strategies that we come to think of as ‘who I am?’” 
  7. “How can I illuminate my own hidden survival plan in ways that help me build the future I seek?”
  8. “How can I discover the ways my past is limiting my present without having to go through years of soul searching (or psychotherapy)?”
  9. “What prerequisites does my survival plan tell me I must meet as an adult in order to feel lovable, worthy and safe?”
  10. “Is there a predictable rhythm to personal development that would help me to harness?”
  11. “What is life’s way of inviting me into deeper integrity, fuller authenticity, more effective and fulfilling connection with others, and greater contributions to the world?”
  12. “How do we navigate life until we know how to do what natural developers do to become sustainably and happily authentic, connected and impactful?”
  13. “Isn’t there an easier way for me to develop than by doing deep inner work on myself all the time?”
  14. “Isn’t it normal to sometimes just want to take a break from doing inner work?”
  15. “Is there really a single set of core life skills that personal development, fulfilling relationships, successful leadership, living with integrity, creating career success, and contributing to social change all depend upon?”
  16. “Why is it so important for me to learn how to respond to everything life throws at me with self-responsibility, humility and receptivity?”
  17. “What can I do to more consistently maintain the abundance of life energy I need for authenticity, connection, and service?”
  18. “How can I become better at telling the difference between truth, partial-truths, and lies?”
  19. “How can I become really good at turning difficult, undesired and even unacceptable life experiences into blessings rather than baggage?”
  20. “How can I express my inner light, gifts, deepest truths, creativity, personal power, and boundaries, without self-censoring and holding back?”
  21. “How can I co-create more fulfilling, collaboration-based, productive, and resilient personal and work relationships than I ever thought possible?”
  22. “How can I become really good at discovering and fully serving collective highest good, whether in my family, my work life,  my community, the service and religious organizations I’m part of, and the causes I’m most passionate about?”
  23. “How can I have the greatest positive impact in helping to usher in a new era of integrity with those who mean the most to me, at work, and helping to repair our society and our planet in the unique ways I feel called to do?” 


The New IQ Life Fulfillment Makeover: Your Guide to 3D Living


Expressing my gratitude to all those who have directly or indirectly influenced my developing this material would fill a book all on its own.

Here are but a few of those wonderful people I want to honor:

  • Wayne Germain for being relentless in pushing me to write a book on restoring integrity, happiness, health, love, and life fulfillment.
  • All of my many clients and workshop attendees over the decades for teaching me what works.
  • Dr. Rebecca Grace and Lerissa Patrick for co-creating with me some of the important antecedents to this book in the two-award-winning classic, Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey.
  • Christine Benton who proposed “self-improvers, connectors and do-gooders” as the names of the three main groups that development-oriented people split into after the 1960s.
  • Dawson Church, publisher of Elite Books and its imprint, Energy Psychology Press, for believing in the importance of this material, and his entire staff for being such wonderful people to collaborate with through the birthing and release process for The New IQ book, including but not limited to Courtney Arnold and Jeanne House.
  • Midpoint Trade Books for all they did to make sure that The New IQ book reached booksellers.
  • Jane Engel and Lerissa Patrick for their expertise in helping me slim down to an agreeable length what began as a much-too-long manuscript, and for their talent at doing this in ways that strengthened the potency of the messages in The New IQ book.
  • Nagila Manfrim-Hajjar for her outstanding and rapid final proofreading of The New IQ book.
  • Karin Kinsey for her typesetting finesse and also for her extraordinarily patient collaboration in inserting all the last-minute tweaks that needed to be made in The New IQ book.
  • My book publicists, S. A. “Sam” Jernigan and Jeanne House for going “above and beyond” in having helped The New IQ book become visible amidst a seemingly endless sea of titles.
  • My assistant at the time of The New IQ book release, Tracey Lott, for her passion, optimism and tireless efforts on behalf of this project.
  • My Executive Assistant, Kate Catoto, for having meticulously transferred this body of work onto this website.
  • All those who provided extremely valuable input as The New IQ book manuscript evolved (you know who you are!), and especially Constance Wells, Josh Beckman, and Roshan Billimoria for their excellent in-depth input, as well as the focus group who provided me with inspiration and support early in this project.
  • My wife Laurie who inspires me to remain love-based and life-balanced. I love you dearly.
  • The members of my ManKind Project iGroup, who consistently inspire me to be a better man on behalf of both men and women.
  • My late mother, Gloria “Steffi” Gruder, not only for bringing me into this world and for her steadfast love, but for her remarkable personal support throughout this project. My late father, Alex Gruder, for gifting me with far more than he ever realized during his life. My brother Ben, whose courage in the face of ongoing adversity inspires me. My aunts, Sylvia Leskowitz and the late Ruth Portnoy, for their unwavering love during both my joyous and difficult life chapters.


The New IQ Life Makeover: Your Guide to 3D Living


This New IQ Makeover Material is Dedicated to…

1.   All the natural developers who taught me what to teach deliberate developers (including me!).

2.   All the deliberate developers who taught me how to help them succeed in the ways natural developers intuitively do to become their true selves, create the connection with others they most yearn for, have a powerfully positive impact in the world, step into more enlightened leadership, and live a life of true integrity.

3.   All of my too-many-to-name trailblazers and teachers on whose shoulders I stand in bringing forth the road map this book provides.

Important: Informed Consent for Using This Website

The New IQ Makeover: Your Guide to 3D Living

An Important Informed Consent Notice & Disclaimer

The case histories and other examples in The New IQ book and other material on this website are derived from actual interviews and research. Most are single individuals. Some are composites of more than one person to preserve anonymity. The relevant facts are real, but except when explicit permission was provided or the example is a matter of public record, all of the names and other identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

All content on this website is purely informational and educational. You alone are responsible for how you understand and utilize this material, and for the results you do or don’t obtain through utilizing it.

Neither Integrity Revolution, Dr. Gruder, nor his associates, are responsible for any goods and/or services referred to on this website and expressly disclaim all liability in connection with the fulfillment of orders for any such goods and/or services and for any damage, loss, or expense to person or property arising out of or relating to them.

Utilizing the material on this website does not create a client-therapist relationship of any kind between you and David Gruder, PhD. This material is in no way intended as a substitute for seeking appropriate professional assistance for physical, psychological, spiritual, relationship, career, leadership or other challenges.

Should you be utilizing helping professionals of any kind, you are strongly encouraged to use this website’s material, and your responses to the exercises you do through this website, to collaborate more effectively with them. (Helping professionals include, but are not limited to, mainstream and alternative mental health and physical health care providers, certified wellness, life, executive, career and sports coaches, recovery programs, and religious/spiritual advisors.)

What Others Say About This Material

Words of Praise for The New IQ (Integrity Intelligence)

“Bold, earnest and heartfelt…”
—Roshan R. Billimoria, Former Chair of the
U.N. Executive Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations 

“Leaders need an integrity check-up and Dr. David Gruder is just the man to do it. Too many well-meaning leaders haven’t made the connection between their personal and relationship development and their effectiveness in the collective arena. Dr. Gruder’s simple yet powerful integrity model provides a much-needed shot in the arm.”
—Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager 

“Any human resources executive in the role of being the organization’s moral compass or ‘canary in the coal mine’ should make this a must read, among the more standard business literature.”
—Victoria Berger-Gross, Senior Vice President, Tiffany & Co.

The New IQ brings clarity to the complexities of personal development that is not available from any other source. Dr. Gruder’s disciplined, transparent organization of factors that both expand and impinge upon a personally satisfying and productive life, combined with his wide-ranging international personal and professional experience, has created an excellent step-by-step guide for finding one’s own formula for a complete, confident and productive life. Because so many of today’s global leaders are creating devastating results due to their lack of synergy and collaboration skills, I particularly appreciate and applaud how Dr. Gruder applies those qualities and skills to international politics. The New IQ is a most excellent and important read, both for today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.”
—Mort Mondale,National Educational Association, Professional Development Specialist Emeritus 

“Profound, yet incredibly easy to read and digest — I could barely put it down. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ‘Dr. David Gruder’ became a household name as the person who spearheaded a massive transition and transformation in our individual, relational and societal integrity and wholeness.”
—Constance Wells, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 

“Our dreams are attainable. The New IQ is easily the clearest roadmap for anyone to put one foot in front of the other in the marathon of living closer to our ideals and vision in the raw reality of our day-to-day existence.”
—Paula Newby-Fraser, Eight-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion 

The New IQ goes beyond the usual self-understanding or self-help book by showing the individual how to function with integrity not only in her or his immediate surroundings, but, as well, as a contributing part of the larger society.”
—Robert L. Hilliard, Ph.D., Former Chief of Public Broadcasting, Federal Communications Commission 

“A must read for leaders in any area of life, from little league coaches to chairmen of the board, to use as a tool to raise the bar of personal, relationship and leadership integrity.”
—Peter Lambrou, Ph.D., Vice Chair of Psychology, Scripps Memorial Hospital 

“What a great contribution to humanity this book is!”
—Kenneth Foster, CEO, Shared Vision Network, Author of Ask and You Will Succeed 

“The Integrity Quotient may be the single most important measurement we can make.”
—Martin L. Rossman, M.D., Founder 

“David surprises with starting, rightly, with self, where integrity all begins. In ever-expanding spheres of influence, David becomes your personal docent for understanding and improving integrity with yourself and others in your personal and professional life. By the time you finish digesting The New IQ you too will begin to change the world — starting with you!”
—Dr. Paul Hersey, Co-developer (with Ken Blanchard) of  Situational Leadership 

“Sets a new milestone for dealing with societal and interpersonal problems.”
—Donald A. Eisner Ph.D., President, Eisner Institute for Professional Studies

“Provides a powerful passageway that individuals and the collective can take to restore integrity, harkening a new way of sweeping contribution in the world.”
—Barry Heermann, Author of Building Team Spirit

“A wonderful and workable model for building healthier lives at home, in our workplaces and schools, and throughout our communities. All of us would be well served to integrate The New IQ into all aspects of our lives, especially organizational leaders. A must read!”
—Russell Davis, Esq., Founding Partner, 

“I will expose the business leaders I work with to the Seven WisePassions described in The New IQ so they can integrate these principles into their way of being — and leading — in the world.”
—Thomas G. Crane, Author of The Heart of Coaching

“Timely and provocative, touching on the underpinnings of a world in change: both our inner worlds and our outer worlds, and teaching us how to become sustainable human beings while at the same time sustaining our planet!”
—Jeanne House, President, SOL Communication 

The New IQ organizes the many steps in personal, relationship and leadership development into a unified whole, explaining how they fit into a grand developmental scheme. David’s insights may result in him one day being regarded as ‘The Sigmund Freud of the twenty-first century.’”
—Dawson Church, Ph.D., Author of The Genie in Your Genes 

“The book of the decade! This long-overdue system for dealing with all of today’s hugely damaging social and political issues through upgrading our understanding of integrity offers the gold it would otherwise take ten other books to reveal.”
—C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D., Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association

“The instruction manual for life that we all wish came with.”
—Dana Ansell, Director of Honesty, A Way of Life 

“A vital contribution as our culture tries to find its way back to a sustainable course.”
—David Feinstein, Ph.D. and Donna Eden, Co-authors, Energy Medicine and The Promise of Energy Psychology 

“The New IQ may well set the standard for a huge transformation in our beleaguered world.”
—Sharon Cass Toole, Ph.D., CEO, Meridian Seminars

“A most valuable book for our time, giving us insightful ways to reconsider our values, see how they have been out of balance, and what we can do about it.”
—Henry Grayson, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman, National Institute for the Psychotherapies 

“What a remarkable book for each and every one of us! A dynamic blueprint for change written with ease and simplicity. Turns a very complex subject into a dynamic hands-on learning experience. It is hard to put this book down – you just want to keep on reading!”
—Bala Jaison, Ph.D., Author of Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy 

“Exceptional and very timely…a profound education in being an authentic human.”
—William Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

“A landmark contribution…”
—Margaret Moore, Founder & CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation  

“The 21st Century’s first sensible, down-to-earth and comprehensive guide for integrity-based adult development during perilous times, The New IQ needs to become a key book for all patients in any kind of mind-body treatment program.”
—Jude Gladstone Cade, Ph.D., Director, Sanoviv Medical Institute 

“If you are a physician or other helping professional, place The New IQ at the top of your recommendations list for both patients and colleagues.”
—Bruno Cortis, M.D., Author of Heart & Soul 

“David walks the talk and is ‘the change he wishes to see in the world.’ Integrity shines through every written word. If you too want to learn how to be ‘the change you wish to see in the world,’ this book is for you. It will also become a must have in every coach’s toolbox.”
—Sarah Bird, C.EHP, Certified Conflict Resolution Coach 

“A powerful guide for restoring and upgrading integrity, this timely book deserves to have a deep positive impact on our collective lives.”
—Rusty Wells (deceased), Professional Coach 

“Profound, well written, and easy to follow, this cornerstone for the advancement of society, regardless of racial, social political or religious identity propels us toward a more responsible, caring and higher consciousness society. A must-read book for all.”
—Maria Becker, M.D., Author of Awareness, Acceptance and Transformation 

“A profound roadmap for healing the blocks to living a life of joy and integrity.”
—Margaret Paul, Ph.D., Author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You

“Thoughtful and provocative, this book proposes wise and insightful ways to understand our personal, relational and societal problems and innovative ways we can address them as individuals and as a global community.”
—Daniel J. Benor, M.D., Author of Personal Spirituality 

“This seminal, practical work leads us beyond understanding ourselves and our personal relationships to grasping the vital role we have in leading with integrity to create an upshift in our collective consciousness. The depth and originality of the Seven WisePassions Dr. Gruder describes, how they build upon each other, and the wisdom of linking integrity to these key life skills, is a great gift to all of us. The New IQ is required reading for all who care about human life, even survival, in this 21st century.”
—Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ed.D., Author of Seven Books on Energy Healing 

“Take this exceptional, heart-warming, engaging and practical guide home and start reading it! You’ll be so grateful you did!”
—Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., Core Faculty, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute 

“If you only read one book this year about your own development as a truly three-dimensional human being, this is the one!”
—George J. Pratt, Ph.D., Chairman, Psychology, Scripps Memorial Hospital 

“A smart, thoughtful, well-written resource for developing and sustaining integrity, with practical applications and clear direction for the reader…a sorely needed book in these morally and ethically ambiguous times.”
—Belleruth Naparstek, Author of Invisible Heroes

“You can read 10 self-help books or you can read The New IQ, which is much more than a self-help book. This compassionate guidebook is full of practical wisdom for becoming complete human beings.”
—Larry Stoler, Ph.D.,  President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology 

“A very deep and broad book, The New IQ is for people from all walks of life. It illuminates the human condition with unusual clarity and offers a wonderfully accessible and easily applied road map for living. Provides an excellent template for therapists and their clients to use. This book receives my highest recommendation.”
—Nicolee Jikyo McMahon, Head Teacher at the Three Treasures Zen Community and Marriage and Family Therapist 

“This important book needs to be on everyone’s bookshelf!”
—Peggy McColl, Author of Your Destiny Switch 

“The world’s first complete step-by-step guide to developing integrity. Integrates the worlds of personal, relationship and leadership development more tightly, compellingly and practically than any other book has ever done. A must read for anyone that wants to make a difference.”
—Robert Schwarz, Psy.D., Author of Tools for Transforming Trauma 

“A practical handbook by a pragmatic visionary, Dr. Gruder offers in The New IQ a powerful lens that reframes many of the problems that vex us today, from our most intimate personal relationships to the international issues that now plague humankind, casting them in a light that makes creating more useful breakthroughs possible.”
—Robert W. Fuller, Ph.D., Former President of Oberlin College, co-founder of The Hunger Project 

The New IQ helps all of us move toward more responsible leadership through painting a brilliant, well written and well-organized portrait of integrity development in these difficult times. We are recommending it to our readers, colleagues and friends.”
—Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, developers of Voice Dialogue Therapy 

“For the sake of your personal joy, your relationships with others, and for the future of humanity as a whole, read The New IQ. This gift of clarity, insight, accountability and hope is one of the best roadmaps to personal fulfillment I have had the pleasure of reading.”
—Ruth Larson, M.D., former Governing Board Trustee, Palomar College 

The New IQ is a very skillful guide for actualizing our potential as true human beings. It shows everyday people, helping professionals, and leaders from all walks of life how to clearly and practically develop integrity in our personal, relationship, career and service lives. I highly recommend this great book.”
—Roshi Dennis Genpo Merzel, Developer of Big Mind process

The New IQ is right on target! If policy makers and leaders from both the developed and developing world took Gruder’s words of wisdom to heart, we would see less political game playing and rhetoric on the international stage and a real movement towards fulfilling the human rights and dignity of vulnerable populations in our world.”
—Aileen Kwa, Co-author of Behind the Scenes at the World Trade Organization

“Principle centered and value driven, The New IQ is an effective guide for living an aware, authentic, and accountable life and a great contribution to co-creating a better world for individuals, groups, companies and nations.”
—Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D., Author of Deliberate Success 

“This is truly a ground-breaking work to be savored by everyone! Dr. David Gruder offers an enlightening aerial view for charting an exact course to integrity, authenticity, and fulfillment. This map and these tools will help to positively transform your life, your relationships, your organizations, and the world.”
—Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., Author of Energy Psychology