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The New IQ Life Fulfillment Makeover: Your Guide to 3D Living


Expressing my gratitude to all those who have directly or indirectly influenced my developing this material would fill a book all on its own.

Here are but a few of those wonderful people I want to honor:

  • Wayne Germain for being relentless in pushing me to write a book on restoring integrity, happiness, health, love, and life fulfillment.
  • All of my many clients and workshop attendees over the decades for teaching me what works.
  • Dr. Rebecca Grace and Lerissa Patrick for co-creating with me some of the important antecedents to this book in the two-award-winning classic, Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey.
  • Christine Benton who proposed “self-improvers, connectors and do-gooders” as the names of the three main groups that development-oriented people split into after the 1960s.
  • Dawson Church, publisher of Elite Books and its imprint, Energy Psychology Press, for believing in the importance of this material, and his entire staff for being such wonderful people to collaborate with through the birthing and release process for The New IQ book, including but not limited to Courtney Arnold and Jeanne House.
  • Midpoint Trade Books for all they did to make sure that The New IQ book reached booksellers.
  • Jane Engel and Lerissa Patrick for their expertise in helping me slim down to an agreeable length what began as a much-too-long manuscript, and for their talent at doing this in ways that strengthened the potency of the messages in The New IQ book.
  • Nagila Manfrim-Hajjar for her outstanding and rapid final proofreading of The New IQ book.
  • Karin Kinsey for her typesetting finesse and also for her extraordinarily patient collaboration in inserting all the last-minute tweaks that needed to be made in The New IQ book.
  • My book publicists, S. A. “Sam” Jernigan and Jeanne House for going “above and beyond” in having helped The New IQ book become visible amidst a seemingly endless sea of titles.
  • My assistant at the time of The New IQ book release, Tracey Lott, for her passion, optimism and tireless efforts on behalf of this project.
  • My Executive Assistant, Kate Catoto, for having meticulously transferred this body of work onto this website.
  • All those who provided extremely valuable input as The New IQ book manuscript evolved (you know who you are!), and especially Constance Wells, Josh Beckman, and Roshan Billimoria for their excellent in-depth input, as well as the focus group who provided me with inspiration and support early in this project.
  • My wife Laurie who inspires me to remain love-based and life-balanced. I love you dearly.
  • The members of my ManKind Project iGroup, who consistently inspire me to be a better man on behalf of both men and women.
  • My late mother, Gloria “Steffi” Gruder, not only for bringing me into this world and for her steadfast love, but for her remarkable personal support throughout this project. My late father, Alex Gruder, for gifting me with far more than he ever realized during his life. My brother Ben, whose courage in the face of ongoing adversity inspires me. My aunts, Sylvia Leskowitz and the late Ruth Portnoy, for their unwavering love during both my joyous and difficult life chapters.